Medico Foam

Medico Sleep Products

Medico company has been operating in the field of polyurethane foams for more than a decade, which is used in various industries such as furniture, bedding, automobiles, etc. Memory foam is one of the products of the company, which is widely used in sleeping goods, medical equipment, sports equipment and aerospace, which is mentioned in the following levels and its properties and a number of products manufactured by the company. Memory foam steadily recovers to its original shape once the pressure is removed. The support provided by memory foam reduces stress on the body’s pressure points and relieves aches and pains, preventing excessive tossing and turning and provides a more restful sleep. Memory foam allows the body to be supported correctly and this encourages natural blood circulation. Memory foam is temperature sensitive. Your memory foam pillows will feel firm at first, until it softens and moulds around the shape of your body in response to your body weight and heat.