Medico Foam

Medico BBL Cushion

Medico’s BBL Pillow product is one of the best ways to shape people’s hips. In addition, people who have undergone fat injection to the buttocks should use this product for a while.
As this procedure is not as invasive as others, while you may feel comfortable returning to some light activity reasonably soon, professionals recommend staying off your butt for a few weeks.
The BBL Medico Pillow design allows for ultimate healing! During the initial three to four days following your Brazilian Butt Lift, your body will supply blood to the grafted area, providing essential nutrients for the newly transferred fat to survive. Most of the transferred fat will merge with the surrounding tissue; it’s crucial to avoid strain on the area.
The pillow is small enough to bring everywhere – in your car, school, work, the subway, and wherever you need to go. And it is recommended you use it everywhere, too (or don’t sit down).
This pillow helps with anything from BBL, butt augmentation, and other surgeries that forbid sitting during recovery.
You are giving your bum a break while sitting allows you to get back to your regularly scheduled programming like work or even sit down to enjoy a meal.